Working with Technology! You can do it!

8 Aug


Differentiated Instruction: Getting Personal with Technology

By Grace Rubenstein



Forest Lake Elementary in Columbia, SC has developed over the years into a technology magnet school.  Every teacher uses some form of technology in their classroom every day. Teachers use technology to differentiate learning. Students are very well acquainted with technology so teachers use it as a pathway to educate their students. Students at FLE are assessed in lots of other ways than with paper/pencil and not all students are assessed the same way.  Teachers and staff are encouraged and supported through training and helping each other learn. Forest Lake has embraced technology and their students are benefiting!


New or Interesting Concept:

I find it very interesting that Forest Lake’s building isn’t new. They are using all electrical outlets! One would usually associate technology with “new”. This is a prime example of overcoming obstacles. I also find it interesting that teachers at this school aren’t all young. Younger generations usually embrace technology a little easier than some others. Younger generations are more comfortable with technology because they have been around it more.


My Response:

I think it would be fascinating to observe for a day in a technology magnet school. I use my Promethean board everyday for almost every lesson, but how neat would it be for my students to have their own interactive board? I think it would be great to use technology to help me assess my students. My students love technology (they know much more about it than I do) and I wonder how they would perform if we used it more and more in the classroom?


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