How do you teach in the 21st century?

1 Aug

Teaching In the 21st Century



            Teaching in the 21st century is very different from teaching 15 years ago. Teaching now is different than teaching five years ago. Technology is becoming more and more prominent and necessary in our classrooms. This video made me think about my teaching methods as teacher. I asked myself the following questions, “Do I teach my kids how to Google or do I just say ‘Google it’?” “Do I give my students an opportunity to present their work in some form other than paper/pencil?” “Are my students engaged in learning?”I need to remember that technology in the classroom isn’t about entertaining my students, but engaging them in learning. Luckily for me, my students’ minds are sponges. They absorb information so quickly that it sometimes leave me breathless. I can easily take the ten minutes or less to show my students how to properly ‘google’ something. I can easily watch a PowerPoint, Prezie, etc just as easily as read an essay. I AM teaching in the 21st century and I need to get with the program!


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