Give the learning to your students!

1 Aug

Giving Up Control

By J Bevacqua


Summary/New or interesting concept/ My response to article – All in one paragraph this week!


This blog belongs to principal that actually still teaches a course! How amazing is that?! In this entry, he describes his latest assignment for his students. He allowed each student to research and discover the answer to any question of their choosing. The one thing I found most interesting is that this assignment wasn’t for a grade. Students wanted to know, so they learned for their own pleasure. He gave all aspects of this project to his students! He gave up the control! As a teacher, I know how hard it is to give up the control. We have been taught to give all the information (rubrics and requirements) up front to the students and in my case to the parents. Allowing the students to make all decisions is a great way to teach responsibility and hold them accountable for their own learning. In my personal classroom, I think I would love to give my students a project where they could make their own discoveries, but I wonder how the parents would feel about giving up their control of supervising. . . ?


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