Get on Board with Technology!

1 Aug

21st Century Learning in New Brunswick, Canada

By New Brunswick Department of Education



This video emphasizes the point that technology is growing and we, teachers, need to get on board or be left behind! I think in order to really communicate with our students we must be able to keep up with them in ‘their world’ of technology.

As I watched this video, I began thinking of the evolution of cell phones. I am young enough that they have been around since I was in elementary school. I remember the bag phone that only worked in the car. Then I also remember the Zack Morris phone! (Hopefully you understand the reference.) Cell phones used to be huge and you could only send and receive calls; now phones are small enough to fit in your pocket and we can search the web!

I completely agree with the video that the technology my third graders are using today, will not be the same when they graduate high school in 10 years! Technology can be frustrating! Just when you have one program/gadget/tool figured out, something new comes out and the learning process starts all over again. I am going to share this video with my school staff to hopefully inspire some teachers to use more technology in their classroom AND to keep learning!


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