Learn from Mistakes and Act Noble

25 Jul

Hey- I’m Not Messing Up – I’m Learning

By Vicki A. Davis




Making mistakes is part of the learning process. Mistakes can be and should be tolerated as long as you learn something from the mistake itself. We shouldn’t make excuses for our mistakes or for others. Complaining about mistakes takes away a person’s “nobility”. Teachers are noble. If a teacher is always complaining and not positive, they will lose the respect of peers, students, and parents. Teachers are noble; therefore, they should act noble.

New or interesting concept

I didn’t find a new concept within this blog, but I did find it interesting that Vicki used the term “noble” when defining a teacher. We are noble and we should present ourselves in a noble way. As a teacher, I know it is hard not to whine and complain sometimes, especially as more and more responsibility falls on the teachers shoulders.

My response to article

I enjoyed the story of Andrew Carnegie understanding the importance of learning from mistakes. I make mistakes, and I am already beating myself up for making the mistake so it doesn’t help when someone gets majorly upset with you about it. I feel as if teachers understand that you can learn through mistakes. I think about teaching writing to my students. Most of my teaching is through guiding my students through the mistakes they made in their writing. I know that when my students make mistakes, I want to help them learn from their error. What would the world be like if we were all more understanding of mistakes?


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