Technology Through the Schooling Years

11 Jul

Through My Student’s Eyes

By Cheryl Oakes 


Technology is introduced the very first day of school beginning in kindergarten. Teachers in grades K-8 find the time to plan to incorporate technology into their everyday lessons. In high school, when students are using technology almost every second of every day teachers have a tendency to brush off integrating technology into their lesson plans.

 New or interesting concept

Technology is integrated the least in high school. I find this fascinating because high school students probably require the least amount of instructing/training time. Teachers could easily explain the concept/topic, requirements, and then let the students go! (with appropriate supervision, of course) In this day and age, high school students are very creative and resourceful when it comes to using technology.

 My response to article

This article is a realistic view of how students feel about technology. In kindergarten teachers are the primary users of the technology pieces. Students help in small ways. As students get older, more responsibility is released to the students. I see evidence of this in my own school. With the amount of pressure that is on teachers to teach the standards, I can completely understand the pressure the high school teachers feel about “not having time”.


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